Keep Watching The Films

Anyone who knew me at university could tell by the posters of Reservoir Dogs and John Woo's The Killer on my wall that I was a) into movies and b) really super cool. Probably intimidatingly so. I assume that's why no girls ever came back to my room. But that didn't bother me, I was in there happily reading Cahiers du cinéma*.

I still like the films. I mean, who doesn't? I don't trust that as a character trait. Like people who are "aren't really into music". That's like saying "I'm not too bothered about oxygen" or "Of course I don't still have a subscription to Kerrang magazine - I'm in my late thirties". Absolute madness. 

Well, finally my frankly-now-lapsed film expertise was once again rinsed for all it was worth as I guested on the internationally-feted** podcast Film Fandango with Marek Larwood to talk about Thor: Ragnarok, all the films I haven't seen and dog dicks of course. With nary a girl in sight MERCI LOKI.


*Empire & Total Film / **citation needed