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The nights are drawing in, the cold is wrapping its flaky fingers around us and in lieu of cuddling up to another human, I CREATE STUPIDITY THEN DIE ALONE. You are ever so welcome.

Comedians Cinema Club recently returned to the (real) Royal Albert Hall (after our mind-shaping interpretation of Jurassic Park last year) to perform the seminal JAWS. In order to celebrate this I dug out this gem from my musical archives, hithertofore only performed live at a London CCC show on the 30th anniversary of the movie. It's a rap. About Jaws. For which I made a lyric video. You couldn't be more welcome.

If you, like me, enjoy what we across the pond call 'American Football' and are a keen viewer of the BBC highlights and general chat show covering all things NFL, you might enjoy this. At the end/beginning of each show there's a very serious montage of footage accompanied by the most over-the-top-with-gravitas voiceover from a welsh bloke. It's great. But it felt ripe for parody. Super niche parody. So guess what? Please don't stop being welcome.