I Gave You My Heart...


Well the snow is on the ground (location dependent) and the jesus is about to pop out of Mary's magic hooha (religion dependent) so for the love of [insert fave deity] put your feet up and enjoy your well earned rest. While consuming diabetes-inducing levels of confectionary and The Things I Have Made To Entertain You That Do Technically Count As Gifts Because Although Artistically Satisfying Do Not Pay Well So I Can't Afford To Get You Anything Else.

Due to eternal misery guts hermit Marek Larwood only having 3 friends, I have appeared once again on his delicious film podcast Film Fandango. This time the cheeky shit got me to watch 4 hours of Jim Carrey so we could talk about the Netflix documentary 'Jim & Andy' and the film that it's about, "Man On The Moon'. Luckily (spoilers) they're both great. Enjoy our chat about the movies, interspersed by sundry dogshit and militant execution banter here.


And in a perfectly 100% On Brand turn of events for the season, I appear (at what length tbc) in The Great Xmas Rant, on ITV2 at 9pm on Thursday 21st December. Things I may or not be seen doing, depending on what made the edit: punching a mince pie, prancing shirtless in a freezing cold alley, carol screaming. Lines? Who needs em when you've got this idiot face. Keep em peeled for me berking around in between more successful comedians & reality TV goons bemoaning the madness of this here festive season. WHAT FUN.