You blink and it's May. #accidentalpolitics


THE SUN CAME OUT. Genuinely terrifying to think it's been 4 months since I last updated this 'website' but I guess that's reflective of how borderline irrelevant websites are in the social media age. If you were my REAL friend you'd be keeping up with my Kardashianing on Instagram and YouTube and even FB or Twitter. Or if you're wonderfully misguided, Vero.


In an attempt to bridge the divide twixt website and AllTheOtherThings, I've decided to put together a mailer/newsletter where I can briefly tell you about my stuff but also have a wee natter about other things of note that you may have missed on all the bloody socials because you have a real job not this comedy lark and can't be on your phone all day. I get it. This is for you. Wang your email address in here and you'll be the first to receive the next episodes. I'm aiming for 1 or 2 a month. Says the guy who last wrote on his website 4 months ago. Anyway, you can read the first episode here and see if you like it. Then definitely subscribe please because it took me much longer than anticipated.

I have of course been beavering away in the time since last we spake. I've made a series of vaguely topical vaguely humorous not actually shit rap videos. Shut up and just watch them.

Quite recently I cajoled old Sy Thomas into making a little tourist guide to London with me so we could enter an incredible competition/marketing stunt for Wow Air. Suffice it to say we didn't win but YOU DID because now you get to watch it...

In a way it felt like a holiday. A holiday where you film and edit everything. Like a minibreak with David Dobrik. 

Ok TTFN. Remember to sign up for this shit.