Let's take it back to the concrete streets

Grab your popcorn, your box of fruit gums (or milk duds if you're overseas) and grab the best seat in the house. By the time you've done this you will have missed my 6-minute film, but thanks to the beauty of the internet you can just start it again.

YES, finally after many months of getting-things-made-for-no-money-is-hard wrangling, my first PROPER (ie not just me filming myself) short film had emerged into the world.

It was directed by the wonderful Ben Mallaby who has done many other excellent things you should watch and has lustrous grey hair like a young witch. Joining me onscreen are Katharine Bennett-Fox and Paul F Taylor and we managed to get some music by The Last Skeptik for the Big Finale. And me and Jake Ridley dusted off an old wacMCs track for the credits. NICE.

Please enjoy it in all it's middle-aged b-boy glory here:

Screenshot-2018-1-19 Film Fandango on acast.png


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