Monday, 27 February 2017

You need a website

So claims that Wix advert that I see 753 times a day on YouTube, but DO YOU REALLY? Between YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook you can pretty much track every gig I do, brunch I eat, thought I have and cry for help disguised as pithy comment I make. Do people come here to look at gig listings? My bio? That crocodile pic? OF COURSE THE CROCODILE PIC.

Anyway, here we are and it's almost March and What Has Been Happening Since The Last Epic Blast Of Internet Wind I Did Here? Well, the day to days you can see on Insta (follow me) or Snapchat (still not sure about it. I prefer to keep it all Insta. And now WhatsApp is getting in on it? FORGET IT)

A monthly dollop of absolutely childish idiocy has been coming courtesy of me and Sy Thomas, my erstwhile flatmate and Life Of Si compadre in the Completely Different In Nothing But Name guise of 'Simon & Simon'. We're making (have been and will do) a series of videos for the classic kids comic The Beano (I read it as a child. A lot) who have gone all online-y and have lots of daft stuff from cool kids plus grown men covering themselves in custard. Here's the first 3 for your lucky cornea:

And in between that I've still been cranking out episodes of Die Trying at (semi) regular intervals, including behind-the-scenes looks at the above sketches. If you like watching me cold, wet, exhausted and complaining it'll be like all your Christmases have come at once. MAZELTOV! Plus there's adventures in music, comedy, fashion and pizza goddammit. It's a veritable treasure trove of treats. Here's where we got up to last time through to now. Get a hot cup and a big screen and binge watch this shit:

Oh and over Christmas (CHRISTMAS WAS TWO MONTHS AGO) I got twitchy and made this twee short using only my new phone that I'd not yet figured out the settings on...

I'm going to bed now. I'll see you here sometime in the coming months. I'll see you on the other social medias most days. All my gigs are still here over on the right and are fully up to date so feel free to come and say hi whenever. Goodnight and good luck.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Still Alive, Still Trying

Content is king. That's what they say. And by 'they' I mean all those entrepreneurial people whose podcasts and Fast Company articles I can't stop consuming instead of getting on with some work. But hey, Procrastination Is Actually Good For You. Is probably the title of an article on a website somewhere.

So with the nights drawing in and the cold blade of winter lapping at my face I have launched headlong into a new season of DIE TRYING, my perennially under-watched workhorse of a vlog series. And this time I'm doubling down. WEEKLY. It's coming out weekly. You heard. The timing could not be better/worse as I'm currently spending my days writing creaky puns and delicious bon mots for a televisual clip show which means I am having to grasp my nemesis Dr Time Management by his rusty old horns.

And so far I'm winning. Inasmuch as my unwavering underdog outlook will allow me. 3 weeks and 3 episodes of Die Trying Season 2 have emerged fully formed to wander this scorched earth as my binary children. I hope I can continue with this level of consistency. My aim is also to broaden the remit of the new season such that it's not so myopically focused on comedy and includes some tasty life morsels* too. You know, so people outside of the UK's 127 hardcore comedy fans and my immediate family might watch it.

So grab a hot cup of happiness, settle into your couch or reclining armchair and watch the first 3 episodes on a big screen. You'll enjoy them more I promise. #cinematics. Also you can get whetted with the Season 2 teaser I made which almost gave me a bloody nose, black eye and has clearly inspired the new OK GO video jk lols they are incredible.

I'd really like to build this season. Bigger, better, faster, more. And for that I need your help. Spread the word. Tell a friend who might like the show. Post your favourite episodes to twitter, friend's FB walls, unattended Macbooks in the Apple store. And click that 'subscribe' button. Because when the number gets big enough YouTube will let me do fun things in their building. Which would be awesome.

Wrap up warm, drink hot drinks, hug a friend, kick up leaves, walk a dog, take a big glug of that cold air. It's gonna be a super fun winter. LET'S GO.

*me desperately trying to do fun things that are not 100% comedy-related. It's like teaching a robot to emote. We'll learn as we go.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Born On The 28th Of December

Well it's been a minute (30240 to be exact - NO I'M NOT PROCRASTINATING), but I'm back from the Edinburgh Fringe or Arts Vietnam as no-one calls it. The main thing to report is that I'm alive and in time I'm sure i'll be able to be more prosaic in my recollection of events and maybe turn it into an Oscar-winning movie. For now, let's just say that it's a physical & emotional roller coaster of a month but I liked my show and so did most of the people who came, I think. I hope you came. I hope you liked it. IF YOU WEREN'T THERE YOU DON'T KNOW MAN.

For those unfortunate enough not to visit the Fringe and spend £285 to stay in a plastic-bathroomed Ibis hotel for one night on a weekend, I attempted to document some of the highs and lows of the fest in my 5-part Fringe vlog series entitled 'grind.'. It's like a mini version (less bells & whistles) of my DIE TRYING series. Diet Trying if you will. And you should.

My show will forever be memorialised in that slightly damp cave (and in the souvenir totes and tees for the lucky few) but if you'd like to get a taster of what you missed/relive the clamminess, I've uploaded a few of the videos featured in the show. They might be odd out of context but I think they're fun and COME ON THOSE TEETH THOUGH. Have a peek here:

Back to gigging and such in the coming weeks... Doing a few dates with Ellie Taylor on her tour so that should be double mega fun again.  Also finally got around to watching Stranger Things and it was great like you all said obvs. Right gotta go. Making that Deer Hunter poster took way too long.
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