I'm The Worst


Podcasts! I love them. A staple of commutes / blog posts/ first date discovery chats. It is now The Law for every working comedian to have one. I used to do one, obvs, and who's to say if I won't ever again. In the meantime, it's far more fun to guest on other people's shows where you don't have to do all the hard work but simply turn up with your half-arsed research and mainly talk about wanking (NOT MY FAULT).

I was delighted to appear on Ben Van Der Velde and Barry McStay's very fun pod Worst Foot Forward where we talked about the world's worst gadgets occassionally but mainly wanking and the TV show Friends. It was like the perfect first date.

You can listen on Soundcloud or subscribe in iTunes or wherever you get your pod on. Me? I use Overcast for iOS. You're welcome, nerds.