(There's) O(nly) M(erch) G(uys)

The best thing about making a new website? Simple, intuitive, photo-led design? FORGET THAT SHIT. There's a megaflippin MERCH button. Yes, since my new web hosts allow you to sell stuff, I thought this is the perfect time to live my dream of selling MERCH.


I've not gone mad, don't worry. I realise that the elusive 10,000 fans that will support you forever are a long way off. But since i'm a frustrated rock star trapped in the life of a middling comic, I have always loved creating merch for Edinburgh shows.

It all started with my first jaunt north of the Wall, with Life Of Si in 2009. We made some excellent badges likes everyone else, but took it up a notch with commemorative miniature mirrors (there was a bit of the show where we did out hair in mirrors while dancing (shhh it was a different time).

The following year, for our second show Life Of Si: Si Harder, we produced fridge magnets featuring our lost teapot Alan (shhh it was a different time)

I can only imagine what these items must be going for on eBay these days. My mortgage wishes I had any of them left over.

Fast forward to 2016 (via 2014s solo show sticker series) and I decided to up the ante, ostensibly because I like the DIE TRYING logo so much I thought it would look awesome plastered over everything. AND I WAS RIGHT.

In my boldest merch move to date, and a with little to no concept of a 'bulk discount' I produced a very limited run of t-shirts (in 4 colours), tote bags and stickers. They were a hot item. But by the end of the festival I had a handful left. The stickers are long gone, but there are literally 3 t-shirts still unclaimed and a bunch of tote bag. AND NOW YOU CAN OWN THEM. You lucky lucky salts. Follow the link to my all-new MERCH page and cross all your fingers that no fashion-conscious plucky upstart got there before you...